CV-14 Ticonderoga

The Ticonderoga returned to the United States in early 1945 to repair battle damage.  Gunners had shot down three kamikaze planes, but a fourth struck the carrier, destroying planes and killing over 100 men. Battle Group VB-87 was picked up in Hawaii, and the Ticonderoga returned to duty with Task Group 38 to assist in sinking the last warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy in and around Kure Harbor. The fates of LtJG Raymond Porter and airman Normand Brissette are told by Shigeaki Mori and by Barry Frechette in the documentary film, Paper Lanterns. The Ticonderoga history includes a summary of their final mission. A detailed eyewitness account is told by Paul Brehmr, who bombed the Tone alongside Porter and Brissette. 



The Confidential orders to the Captain of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga outlines the ship's role in surrender and occupation of Japan. The timeline shown describes subsequent events fairly accurately, however, actual event were delayed by a day or more.