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On 25 July, 1945, Ensign Hantschel flew the F6F-5 Bureau Number BUNO 77934 for the aircraft Carrier (CV15) USS Randolph and crashed in the Japanese Inland Sea in the Seto Inland Sea fo the island of Shikoku. He was listed as missing in action (ref.: Douglas Campbell, Vol. 2). 

Ensign Hantschel was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (Posthumously) for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight as Section Leader in Fighting Squadron Sixteen (VF-16) embarked in U.S.S. RANDOLPH, over Kure, Japan, 25 July 1945.

Lt(jg) Hantschel    

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Naval aviator John Hantschel, of Appleton, Wisconsin. 


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Was assigned to the Aircraft Carrier USS Randolph as a pilot of the VF-16, who were known as the Pistol Packing Airedales. 


Insignia of the Pistol Packing Airedales

Insignia of the Pistol Packing Airedales


He is remembered 

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