Sgt. Hugh Henry Atkinson, s/n 39214204, Seattle Washington

The Radio Operator for Crew #42B on the Lonesome Lady was known to his crewmates as "Huggy" or "Hughey", although that was not popular with his wife, Eva. Pilot Tom Cartright described him as "probably the most popular member of the crew. Everyone liked Huggy".


The first known account of of Atkinson's death was written in The Jesuits, by Malachi Martin, in which Father Pedro Arrupe is quoted describing a B-29 [actually B-24] flyer tied to a pole on Aioi Bridge. An onlooker stated that the American was "the handsomest boy I ever saw", "with blonde hair, green eyes, white waxlike skin, a big body, and very strong-looking like a iion."