Sgt. John Alan Long, Jr.

S/N 33707730

1918 - ~6 August, 1945, New Castle, PA

Johnny Long was the Cartwright crew’s Nose-gunner. At age 27, he was the oldest man on that crew. He was thought to be the only member of that crew who was drafted into service, although that fact is in question.

According to the Lawrence County Historical Society (5 March 2019 post), Johnny was the son of John A. and Alma Long of Castlewood, Shenango Township, Lawrence Co., PA. On November 23, 1942 at Central Christian Church, he married his sweetheart Luella Rigby.

Sargeant “Johnny” Long. Photos courtesy Lawrence County Historical Society.


Johnny Long as a senior in high school. From the Shenango High School 1936 yearbook. Courtesy of the Lawrence County Historical Society.