Hi Clifton,

(Shall I call you Clifton, Clif, or ???  I am age 55 and we are both pups compared to the folks you are talking with in FL!)

A few quick things:

•Inspired by our conversation, I updated Mori's About the Author Page (the link is above)

•I will call Peter Grilli on Barry Frechette's team to share your comments about your attempted contact with the Obamas.

 •The following statement was written by bomb eyewitness FatherJohn A. Siemes, professor of modern philosophy at Tokyo's Catholic University. Pertinent to our weighty discussion this morning. His entire eyewitness account is available in several places but I lifted this excerpt from a Manhattan Project Hiroshima Report...



Lastly, for levity after a comment you made about the Boca Raton weather that we happen to be sharing here in Houston, I thought you would appreciate the spurious comment my humorous weather app fed me. The iPhone app was "sent" to me by the granddaughter of the Lead Pilot of Tom Cartwright's squadron---the same man who flew the B-24 Lonesome Lady on ~36 combat missions.




PS: Kudos to Elon Musk for his big show yesterday. I hope you were in FL to see his incredible Falcon Heavy launch and landings! He is enough of an optimist to know that things could get worse for us here on Earth, so he is working to colonize Mars "just in case" things go really badly here.